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Welcome to the Hopkinton Police Department Website.

The internet has become a very valuable law enforcement tool where we can provide public service information to the public in a timely manner. In turn, the citizens can share concerns and provide tips in a timely manner. We value your comments and encourage participation by reporting crimes, providing feedback, communicating problems in the neighborhood or at school and reporting any suspicious activity.

We are a full service law enforcement agency, comprised of 15 police officers and 7 civilian employees. In 2014, Hopkinton Police handled more than 20,000 calls for service and our officers made more than 300 arrests.

Please take a moment to explore our web site and learn more about the many services offered.

********ATV THEFTS*********

There have been several recent thefts of ATV's in the Hope Valley area. One of the ATV's was recovered yesterday with the assistance of Richmond Police Department in Hopkinton and another was recovered today just a short time ago also in a different area of Hopkinton. We urge everyone to properly lock and secure their ATV's and any other equipment they have. Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the Police Department and as always, look out for your neighbors, family and friends! Thank you,